A Tutorial on XProc: An XML Pipeline Language
Rui Lopes (LaSIGE/University of Lisbon)

This tutorial will present the syntax and semantics of a new XML processing language specification, XProc, which is being standardised by the World Wide Web Consortium, for the description of sequences of operations to be performed on XML documents. An XProc pipeline specification processes a set of inputs through an ordered set of operations, resulting on a set of outputs. Each operation performs an atomic transformation on inputs, feeding its results to the next operation. Such operations include well-known technologies, such as XSLT and XInclude, as well as special purpose micro-operations, e.g. insert and delete. The purpose of this tutorial is the dissemination of this new XML technology, including step-by-step examples on how to create pipelines, and how to leverage the language's constructs and operations, easing the task of building simple and complex XML processing applications.

Document Processing using XML