X-Spread - A Software Modeling Approach of Schema Evolution Propagation to XML Documents
Vincent Nelson Kellers da Silveira (UFRGS)
Renata de Matos Galante (UFRGS)

This paper presents X-Spread, a software modeling approach to propagation of XML schemata evolution to XML documents referring the modified schemata. This mechanism focuses on modifications of XML schemata on diferent distribution scenarios considering the possible distribution scenarios of schemata and documents as well, allowing for software engineers to focus on application design and not in the issue of XML documents adaptation. This mechanism is composed by change detection algorithms, responsible by the detection of diferences between schemata, by storage of the diferent schema versions, by a revalidation process of existing documents, considering only modifications performed on parts of the schemata and by an adaptation process of documents considered invalid due to schema modifications, with the mechanism execution as a whole demanding no participation of the end user. This mechanism addresses semistructured artifacts distribution scenarios usually not addressed by papers about propagation of XML schema modifications to documents.

XML and Databases, Applications of XML