A Toolkit for an Oral History Digital Archive
Silvestre Lacerda (Direcção-Geral de Arquivos/Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo)
Norberto Lopes (DCC-FC & LIACC, Universidade do Porto)
Nelma Moreira (DCC-FC & LIACC, Universidade do Porto)
Rogério Reis (DCC-FC & LIACC, Universidade do Porto)

In this work we propose an XML based toolkit for the construction of an oral history digital archive that allows the filing, classification and annotation of multimedia resources associated to a corpus of interviews. We describe the general organization of the archive and focus on content creation tools. In particular, we present a document editor for the classification and annotation of interview transcriptions that allows the definition of category hierarchies.

Document Processing using XML, XML-based Digital Libraries