RADX - Rapid Development of Web Applications in XML
José Paulo Leal (DCC / FCUP University of Porto)
Jorge Braz Gonçalves (ESE / Instituto Politécnico da Guarda)

This article presents an on-going project whose goal is the fast development of web applications based on the RAD model. The system resulting from this project - RADX - generates web applications for XML data management. RADX consists of two main components: an application engine to run web applications based on XML documents that it is configured using XSLT transformations; a meta-application for generating and managing applications that run with the application engine. The main feature of the meta-application is the ability to generate XSLT configurations from 2nd order transformations, applied to data document type definitions in XML Schema. These configurations can be changed, allowing customization of the application. RADX intends to be a system rapid development of small web application and prototypes of larger systems.

Web Services, Architectures and Case Studies